How do you travel to Charlecote?

Many of our visitors travel to Charlecote by car*. But did you know that there are other greener ways to travel to us?

  •  Bus (inc open top bus!)
    A lot of National Trust places are very remote and rural, miles from a rail station or bus stop. We are very fortunate to be on a really good bus route and have 2 bus stops in our village.
    One of the bus stops is right next to our car park and the Charlecote Pheasant hotel and restaurant!It’s the X18 bus that stops here and it is run by Stagecoach Warwickshire. Some of our staff and volunteers use this service to get here. It stops here once an hour running between Stratford-upon-Avon and Leamington Spa. Some services even go as far as Coventry. For info on the bus times have a look at their website. We have copies of the timetable in our reception building too so if you do travel by bus and want to check what time your bus home is, we’ll be able to help!The sightseeing tour bus also has a bus route (Heart of Warwickshire tour) that stops here too! It travels fromStratfordtaking in the sights and major tourist attractions on the way which includes us, Compton Verney, Heritage Motor Centre and Warwick Castle.
  •  Cycle
    Pedal power can get you here too! We have bike racks by our reception building for you to lock your bikes up whilst you rest your legs in our Orangery restaurant or take a gentle stroll round the park.
  • Car Share
    Coming to Charlecote with friends? They live on route why not think about car sharing? Or if you have a spare seat in the car have you thought of giving someone a lift? There is a website all about car sharing and it seems to be growing in popularity. The benefits are numerous both for yourself, your community and the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Find out more about this scheme by visiting their website.

 * It is not feasible for all of our visitors to get to us here without using a car. We will always provide car and coach parking spaces where possible, this also includes accessible parking for those who require it.

Ruth, Green Champion


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