50 things to do…

A short while ago the National Trust launched a campaign to encourage our youngesters to get outdoors. It seems to have sparked a lot of interest across the country. There are 50 things we suggest you* do before you’re 11 3/4!

The list was compiled by staff and volunteers across the National Trust. We were all asked what we did ourselves or what we would recommend others to do. You can see the full list of 50 things on the website here – a booklet can also be picked up at almost all National Trust places. We have some here at Charlecote if you need one!

Of the 50 things on the list, we’ve picked out some of the things that you can do here at Charlecote. They include;
– “Fly a kite” – perfect places for this are on our paddock and the area we call ‘cricket pitch’ (Its not a cricket pitch anymore but was once!)
– “Feel like you’re flying in the wind” – well the gatehouse arch can feel like a bit of a wind tunnel on a blowy day!
– “Take a look inside a tree” – there are some big, interesting fallen trees in our parkland
– “Track wild animals” – many animals call Charlecote their home. You may spot a few, but if not you’re sure to see their tracks!

We’ve put all these on a handy map to help you when you visit. These can be collected from our reception when you arrive or download a copy to help plan your visit.

From blogs to TV, our 50 things have been well talked about. There are a few links to blog posts that have been written that might be of interest to you.

New Futures for Birmingham’s Historic buildings blog by Barbara Nomikos
Little Sheep Learning blog by Elaine
More than a Mum blog

And finally we share with you  a clip from popular comic, Russell Howard …

* You don’t have to be under the age of 12 to go out and do these things – its for the young at heart too 😉


2 thoughts on “50 things to do…

    • Fantastic – we hope to see you soon! Make sure you sign up on the website to get the full list of 50 things. We have some great little booklets you can pick up here too and if you complete one of the 50 things on a visit, you’ll get some stickers to put in them!

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