Passport to YOUR future in horticulture

Have you heard about the fantastic National Trust training scheme called ‘Passport to your future’? It is a wonderful scheme helping train and employ people looking for work in our industy. No experience or qualifications required, but enthusiasm is a must!

This year, Charlecote are one of the 11 National Trust places taking part and we’re looking to recruit someone to join our outdoor team in the park and garden. The role is for 1 year, starting in September.

Gardens and grounds that look good naturally take a lot of dedication and hard work. Whether we’re planting bulbs in a historically accurate pattern in our parterre, or clearing branches from the woodland garden, there’s always something to be doing. It’s a particularly exciting time at Charlecote Park at the moment: we’re in the process of researching and rewriting the history of the landscape gardens and as we’re doing so, a new story is beginning to emerge. This will have a massive impact on what we do in the future, and how we’re going to do it. By using our findings we’ll be bringing history to natural life – literally growing historical facts and stories to educate and inspire our visitors. And by adapting our visitor interpretation to accommodate this, we’ll keep them up to date with every stage of the adventure.

You can find out more about the scheme and how to apply here. We are holding a taster day for anyone who is interested in the scheme later this month (you need to apply for a place on this taster day so don’t delay!). Applications for placements open on 18th May!

Passport to Your Future poster v 3

If you want to keep in touch with future developments on this scheme, why not follow the ‘Passport to your future’ blog, facebook and twitter feeds?


4 thoughts on “Passport to YOUR future in horticulture

  1. Gardens and Companionship quotation anyone?
    8 years ago I visited Charlecote with a very old Australian friend from my uni days in Sydney, where we had both studied Shakepeare.
    For some reason unbeknown to me at the time, I was very much taken with the quote around the ceiling in one of the outbuildings about the joy of a garden and companionship. I committed it to memory but my memory now fails me.
    After 40 years and half a world apart my old buddy and I are finally together again and designing a garden at our new home in France. The day in Charlecote has just returned to me as I plan his 60th birthday.
    I would be so grateful if someone could write it for me here and perhaps be so kind as to send details of its provenance. I can’t find it on the web.
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Lynne,

      Our Park & Garden Manager, Lisa, quoted from ‘The Mistress of Charlecote: The memoirs of Mary Elizabeth Lucy’ a few weeks back and it sounds like it may be the very same quote you’re looking for! I’ll see if I can get her to point it out and I’ll pass it on to you soon.

      Kind Regards,

      Ruth, Administrator – Charlecote Park

      • Thank you so much Ruth. Now I have seen there is a book, I’ll order it too for him as a present.
        Looking forward to seeing if you can locate the quote for me beforehand though. I’ll write it on a plaque to put in the garden for him.

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