Pots, presents and roaming Droobers

This week started well with us receiving a lovely birthday present! We were contacted by a very kind lady who wished to make a donation on behalf of her friend as a special birthday gift (Happy Birthday Richard!). This meant that we able to treat ourselves to a lovely new bird box with a built in camera for our spinney area – we are hoping for some interesting footage later in the year!


We also received a lovely gift from our bird watching volunteers Mr and Mrs Harrison. They have very kindly given us a donation to pay for a Worcester Pearmain apple tree for our orchard. This apple was grown from a pip by Mrs Harrisons great, great grandfather William Daniel Hale and was introduced to the market trade in 1874. It is lovely to be able to plant a tree that has such a nice story attached.

 A few months ago we asked Whichford Pottery to copy our second terracotta pot – In order to do this they had to make a special mould of the Tudor rose motif on the front of the pot. They are drying now and will hopefully go into the kiln next week so fingers crossed that they come out alright.

On Wednesday evening I got the chance to find out a little bit more about orienteering when we handed the park and garden over to the Octavian Droobers. Even though it was a wet night we they still have over 50 people turn up so they are obviously a hardy bunch! It was absolutely lovely to see so many people running around the park and garden and having fun! Why not take a look at the video and see what they got up to!


Lisa, Park & Garden Manager


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