Antiques Roadshow: Behind the scenes

A sunny day in September 2010 saw Fiona Bruce and the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow team visiting Charlecote Park – along with hundreds of visitors with some very special, prized possessions. On Sunday 29th April (2012) see the culmination of months of hard work by both the BBC and National Trust teams as the second episode of Charlecote on the Antiques Roadshow is aired! (The first episode was shown last Autumn).

Antiques Roadshow at Charlecote Park

This episode is a Shakespeare special aired the very same week the World Shakespeare Festival launched. It was also the bards birthday on Monday so we’re celebrating all things Shakespearean this week.  Charlecote has reputed links to Shakespeare, as we’ve discussed in previous blog posts and Fiona will be discussing this on the show! Follow this link for a sneek peak!

It was quite a big event for us here at Charlecote when the Roadshow came to visit. Very exciting but there were lots of logistical plans and challenges to face in the run up to the event. For one, where do we put everyone? What if it rains? Preparations fo the event started months before. There was a lot to plan.
Well, the BBC team were fantastic. Absolute professionals who helped plan the day perfectly. They even had plans for how queues would be formed!

Our own team of staff and volunteers really stepped up too. It was a very early start to the day for everyone (and late night before and after!) so lots of caffeine based drinks were consumed but the adrenalin kept all of us going! We are so grateful to everyone for their contribution.

The BBC have told us that it was one of the highest turnouts they’ve ever experienced and couldn’t praise the volunteers highly enough – one of the best groups of volunteers they’ve ever worked with, they said.

Here are some photographs taken on the day to give you a glimpse behind the scenes…

We’ve uploaded more photos on to our facebook page – do have a look!

And here is a great video by one of our visitors on the day that has been shared on YouTube…

So don’t forget to tune in to BBC 1 on Sunday to see this very special episode. We look forward to hearing what you think after the programme…


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