A busy Friday afternoon at the Park

It’s Friday afternoon and we were just getting ready to go home when a large section of our Ha-ha collapsed!


The Ha-ha was built when Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown redesigned the park land. All of the fencing surrounding the garden was removed and a wonderful viewing platform for the park was created

The damage has been inspected by a structural engineer and it is believed that the collapse is due to a combination of the failure of the retaining wall and damage caused by tree roots from the woodland garden

 We are hoping to be able to get some bracing put into place over the next few weeks that will allow us to reopen the path.

On a more positive note we are now more than half way through lambing. Forty of our Seventy three ewes have now lambed and we have 65 lambs – all are doing well!

Lambing at Charlecote Park

We were also visited by the team from Crug Farm Nursery who called in with a large delivery of wonderful plants for our woodland garden. This has joined the new fern collection (over 1000 plants) from Fibrex Nurseries and a whole range of shrubs and trees from our local supplier. We will be spending all of next week preparing the woodland garden ready for planting to start!

Lisa, Park & Garden Manager


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