Thank You: Planning for people campaign

Our sincere thanks to all of the supporters of the Planning for people campaign. We had a lot of people sign the petition here at Charlecote and there was a lot of interest generated. Here is a blog from our campaign team about the outcome…

If this is something of interest, do keep an eye on the NT Planning blog and website for more news and updates.

National Trust Places

It must be what every Minister dreams of – the publication of a document which secures contented noises from both supporters and dissenters. But this is the happy world that Greg Clark inhabits following the publication of the NPPF yesterday.

The Government has been congratulated by business and development groups for having “stuck to its guns”, “held its nerve” and “pushed through with reforms” – yet others have lauded the “important changes” to the NPPF that have come from the Government’s “listening to the concerns of the environment sector”.

Even on the finer detail, most groups were able to cite the retention or inclusion of some policy or other that pleases them. The most significant change for many was the inclusion of a definition of sustainable development – this was welcomed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, RSPB, Friends of the Earth,

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