Zimbolic Creatures

We have some new and exciting products here at Charlecote Park, one of them being our Zimbolic creatures which are animal sculptures which are suitable for outdoors.  

Zimbolic offer a stunning range of recycled metal bird and wildlife sculpture for the home and garden. Working closely with artists’ from Zimbabwe and Kenya their designs compliment any garden theme such as ducks or herons by a pond, roosters on a patio area or sunflowers that don’t need watering!

Established in 1998 by Jonathan Eaton, the company’s success is based on quality and design coupled with good business ethics that include the use of recycled metal materials and providing stable long-term employment for our workers.

Creating the sculpture – Used steel oil drums are burnished and cleaned before the artistic work begins. The metal is then cut by hand-operated guillotine into the different components of the sculpture. Then on a large wooden tree stump, they are hammered into shape. A frame-work is welded together with each component added to complete the individual designs. To finish, the sculpture is dipped in lacquer to give a protective coating for outdoor display.

We have lots of exciting animals to have a look at starting at reasonable prices, so come and take a look!



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