Leaping Locally…

What did you do on 29th February 2012?

As 2012 is a leap year, the National Trust challenged all its staff to put the extra day to good use! We celebrated the importance of volunteering, by doing some ourselves in our local areas – and hence we named it ‘Local Leap Day’! Even our Director-General was out doing her bit for her local Riding for the Disabled stables.

Here at Charlecote we did a couple of things for the Local Leap day.

Our House Elves spring into action as they went out to St Mary’s Church in Warwick.
We had a phone call from a lady who lives locally and needed some advice. She was looking for some help in finding conservators to clean a memorial belonging to the Beauvois family. Previous quotes had been over £1000! Our House Elves were more than willing to put in the time as part of the Local Leap activities, charged nothing at all and enjoyed their time helping out.

Here are some photos that were taken on the day.

We also welcomed a group from Warwickshire College to Charlecote where they spent some time with our Park & Gardens team. They learnt about deer and parkland management at the Park. We hope it proved both interesting and useful to their students!

Here is a video from our friends at Heelis (National Trust Head Office in Swindon) telling a little bit more about the day…

There are also some great photo’s from the different National Trust teams across the UK on the National Trust’s facebook page.


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