Woodland Garden – renovations have started!

Did you know…?

The woodland garden was replaced the more formal wilderness garden when Mr Brown redesigned the parkland and built the Ha-ha.

Our developments are part of a 5 year redevelopment plan to restore the area back to a more specialised ‘woodland’ garden. The garden will include some of Mary Elizabeth’s (the ‘Mistress of Charlecote’) favourite flowers – Roses, Honeysuckle and foxgloves.

A view into the Woodland

We will be adding some new seating areas that have stunning views of the park, updating the irrigation system, redeveloping the nursery area, putting in new paths and buying new benches and pots. This should keep our garden team busy…

Sue and Bleddyn in Vietnam plant hunting

Planting will be based around the Victorian fashion for plant collecting – very common during Mary Elizabeth’s time. We will be including plants collected by the well known local collector Charles Maries and will be bringing that completely up to date by working with contemporary plant collectors at Crug Farm – we will have completely new plant introductions that the majority of our visitors have never seen before thus recreating the sense of surprise that the Victorian visitors would of felt!

Exciting stuff in the grounds! We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as things develop…


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