Preparing for opening: In the office

Winter is a busy time for a National Trust place. Well, all year round is busy if we’re honest, but winter has a different task list that needs to be done. Our winter season is just about to close as we re-open our house on Saturday 11th February. Yes – TOMORROW! We’re very excited to be welcoming back some of our volunteers. We’ve been fortunate to have many volunteers continue to help us in our work through the winter, mostly behind the scenes, so we’ve not got too lonely!

In these past few days its been all go….

We have over 200 volunteers here and our rota’s have taken quite some time to pull together. It has taken us from early January to now to get these drawn up – and there still might be further ammendments needed!

With new staff and volunteers starting with us this season we’ve been preparing name badges and ordering in our National Trust branded clothing, deliveries have been arriving all week! We’ve even had some extra fleeces ordered for our House volunteers who may find the house to be a little chilly at this time of year…

We’ve stocked up in the kitchen and dusted away the cobwebs ready for a full kitchen of volunteers ready and raring to get the season started!

Empty now… but not for long!


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