On this day… in 1825

1st February 1825

On the 1st of February, I was sitting copying some music in Mamma’s boudoir whilst she was working and chatting, when all of a sudden we heard the report of a gun, and she got up and went to the window which looked out upon the lawn, pulled down the blind and rushed out of the room. I jumped up feeling something must be wrong, and drawing up the blind, saw to my horror Brother flat on his face with his gun beside him. I hurried downstairs in an agony of fright, and fainted ere I could learn what had happened. Dear Mamma, like me, thought he had been shot, and after all he had lain down on the grass to watch a ferret come out of a rabbit hole!

 ‘Mistress of Charlecote: The Memoirs of Mary Elizabeth Lucy’

Mary Elizabeth married George Hammond Lucy of Charlecote in 1823. She bacame mistress of Charlecote and together with her husband, made extensive renovations to the house and gardens as well as rebuilding the parish church. In her later years she recorded the details of her life in 5 black notebooks. These memoirs have since been published for us all to enjoy. We have copies for sale in our shop at Charlecote …also available in other good bookshops and online!


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