What we do with the money raised from the raffle…

Have you ever bought a raffle ticket whilst visiting us? If so – thank you! You have helped us to undertake a variety of conservation projects!

The raffle is a very important way of raising money for us. Last year we sold over 7,000 raffle tickets at Charlecote. Want to know how we’re using that money? Read on…

This year will see some exciting developments in our orchard. Through the raffle (and an additional grant from Copella) we will be restoring the orchard by:

  • Planting 15 new trees
  • Having specialists identify the existing trees
  • Buying a label punch and Victorian metal identification labels to re-label the trees
  • Replacing the wire tree guards with replicas of the old park tree guards

We have also bought some equipment that can be used in our Victorian Kitchen.

Some of this equipment was bought in the autumn in time for our ‘Ashes and Apples’ event!

We have an apples press, Victorian apple peelers and fruit trays.

Our volunteers enjoyed getting to grips with these new toys and we made lots of lovely apple themed food in the kitchen…

Sally getting to grips with the new apple pressing equipment!

Pat creating something delicious in the kitchens...

In the orchard... September 2011

Work will be starting this spring so do keep an eye on developments here.

And if you were one of those people who bought a raffle ticket on a visit to Charlecote – thank you! We really couldn’t be doing this without your support.


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