Something different: Art at Charlecote

We’ve something a little unusual in our flower borders here at Charlecote… have you seen it yet? We’ve something a bit different in the laundry too… not to mention a suprise in our woodland garden!

Last year local sculptor, Stephen Charlton, exhibited some of his bronze animal sculptures around the grounds. They formed a trail for visitors to follow and gave a bit of interest to the grounds when there are fewer bright flowers to tantalise us. You can find out more about Stephen’s work at Charlecote by following this link.

Winter time can make the gardens look a little plain – especially in our herbaceous border that is kept empty at this time. To ensure that there is always something to be seen here at Charlecote, this year local installation artist, Alfreda McHale, took up the challenge!

Alfreda, who lived in nearby, offered to display 3 of her art works here.

We have ‘Seeking Pearls’ in the laundry…

Runcible’ provides interest in the otherwise empty flower border…

…and ‘Trolley’ weaves  through our woodland garden, leading you from the restaurant out to the park.


Alfreda’s work will be here through to the end of February so do pop along, we’d love to see you!


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