SIR HENRY RAMSAY-FAIRFAX-LUCY: Where are those medals from?

“Here is some information from one of our dedicated volunteers at Charlecote. We have many visitors to Charlecote Park who are interested in the portrait of Sir Henry Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy that hangs in our Billiard Room. Here Chris tells us where those medals are from…”

We are sometimes asked about the medals Sir Henry is wearing in this portrait where he is wearing the uniform of the Scottish Company of Archers.

After a meeting with Jeffrey Haworth [Former Curator with The National Trust in the Midlands], and at his suggestion, I tried to contact the Life Guards Museum. My query was almost immediately passed on to the person responsible for the medal collection at the Household Cavalry Archive, Jim Lees, who has been extremely useful. He has identified the medals, from left to right, as-

  • Queen’s South Africa Medal, with clasps Cape Colony and Orange Free State.
  • British War Medal
  • King George V’s Coronation Medal
  • King George V’s Silver Jubilee Medal
  • King George VI’s Coronation Medal

 Sir Henry was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 2nd Life Guards on 15 July 1891 and resigned his commission on 21 September 1892. He did not earn any medals in this time.

 The first medal he received on 25 February 1902 having volunteered for service inSouth Africaand appointed a Staff Lieutenant with the Remount Department; the next medal he received for service during the First World War when he was employed in the Staff of the Adjutant General’s Department. The last three medals he probably received as a member of the Royal Company of Archers.

 I am very grateful to Jim for his help in giving me this information. Jim is also membership secretary of the Orders and Medals Research Society.

Chris Purvis, Charlecote Park Volunteer Room Guide


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