Preserving the pages: fundraising update

We recently told you about a very important project we are fundraising for and thought we should share an update…

Our library books are in need of some first aid / conservation work and we have now, thanks to your donations, arranged for our conservator to start this work in the winter months ahead.

First aid for books!

First aid for books!

Many of our visitors have contributed by buying a short guide to some of the library collection. The sale of these booklets have now raised over £1000! With another month before we reduce our opening for the winter, we’re hoping that we can get a few more pennies (and pounds) in the donations pot…

Added to that is the £1000 donation we received from a private donor and a very generous £2,500 donation from the Coventry National Trust Centre. Continue reading

Autumn Glow: Photography Competition

You know we love Autumn here at Charlecote. We love the colours, the crisp leaves, the changing views. We also love the changing sounds in the park. Autumn just has that special feeling – that glow – that the other seasons don’t quite manage*.

Autumn glow as captured by Jana, our volunteer photographer.

Autumn glow as captured by Jana, our volunteer photographer.

If you love it too, you might be interested in entering the Midlands ‘Autumn Glow’ competition. The winning entry will receive a fantastic Lumix DMC-TZ70 camera, courtesy of our partner Panasonic. Continue reading

Deer at Dusk : The Rut at Charlecote

line scrollWe love all the seasons, but there is something quite magical about autumn. The changing season changes the colour of the landscape quite dramatically. Golden yellows, burnt oranges and ruby reds, it really can be spectacular.

Charlecote Park_Autumn1

Charlecote Park_ConkersThe Deer
Another thing we start to notice is the deer get quite confident and come closer to the Gatehouse and the main drive. You also start to hear the characteristic bellowing* of the bucks.

The deer rut has started at Charlecote now and we’ve found that the paddock can make a good spot to view the deer because they seem to like the orchard. If you’re lucky, you might see the male deer taking each other on in a clashing of antlers.

Jana, our volunteer photographer, managed to capture this footage last year… Continue reading