Follow our Charlecote Advent countdown…

We love counting down to Christmas (it’s one of the only days of the year we really get off!) and we’ve decided to create our own Charlecote Advent Calendar to help us tick off the days.

We did this last year, showing you what was behind the doors at Charlecote, and it is back as it was so well received.

This year we will be picking Charlecote windows and peeking in (or peering out!) to sharing the view with you.

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Here’s day 1 and the view through the window of our visitor buggy…

1st Dec

You can follow us each day as we share a photo on our facebook and twitter feeds.

And just for an added bit of festive frivolity, we’re hiding a present in each view. Will you be able to find them all?

Charlecote Christmas_Advent Calendar

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Help us bring the outbuildings to life…

Are you interested in joining our volunteer team and giving our visitors a taste of what Charlecote was like back in the day? We’re looking for enthusiastic and personable individuals to bring our very special place to life showing what it was like for a Victorian servant ‘below stairs’!

Charlecote laundry

We need people to help us bring the Victorian kitchen, laundry and coach houses to life. These areas used to be a hive of activity with staff bustling to and fro. Washing the family linens, tending to the horses, working in the tack room, brewing the beer… it was all happening!

But it is a little quiet at the moment.

We’d like to change this. Continue reading

Stir Up Sunday

This Sunday we’re going to be ever so busy in our Victorian Kitchen. Well, it is Stir Up Sunday!!!

Traditionally, this is the day you should all be preparing your Christmas baking. Or more specifically, stirring up your Christmas pudding mix and filling your kitchen with the festive smell of spices and dried citrus peel!

pomander in victorian kitchen at charlecote

Stir Up Sunday dates back to the Victorian times and always falls on the last Sunday before Advent. It is linked to a bible passage ; “Stir up; we beseech thee, O Lord.” Families would attend the church service on Sunday morning and then head home to start in their kitchen. Continue reading

Christmas at Charlecote… 1842 style!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without

…everyone getting together to put up the trees

Our House Elves are enlisting the help of our garden team to get the trees up again this year. We’ll be starting decorating on 16 November which might seem a little early for
some but we need to start then so we’re ready to fling open the doors on 28 November.

The arrival of the trees...!

The arrival of the trees…!

We’re asking Father Christmas for a bit of his magic to keep them looking great until 22 December – the last day our house is open in 2015*!!!

… enjoying the Victorian decorations at Charlecote.
As ever our House Elves are throwing themselves into the theme of ‘an 1842 Christmas‘ and following the Victorian version of the 12 days of Christmas for inspiration. You’ll get to follow our tree trail  around the site and discover the similarities, and subtle differences, between the 1842 and the more modern version we’re all familiar with.

Charlecote_getting ready for Christmas

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