Recipe: Curried milk

We recently came across an interesting book in our Second Hand Bookshop called Recipes from the Dairy. It is full of interesting recipes and historical details. We’re sharing a couple of these on the blog.

dairy book

This recipe is for a hot milky drink, considered to be both comforting and nourishing, according to the authors (Weir, Liddel & Brears). We’re not sure about this one, but if you try it, let us know what you think!

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Curried Milk

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Sharing Sonnets at Charlecote Park

Just a few weeks ago we were celebrating 400 years of Shakespeare.  As part of our Charlecote celebrations we asked visitors to help us write sonnets at the writing desk of Mary Elizabeth, Mistress of Charlecote. We were really impressed with your contributions and wanted to share some on the lines you wrote.

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Here we are at Charlecote park, A family day out what a lark.

William Shakespeare was caught poaching here!
(Matthew Aged 34)

Tulips bloom in rampant, sunny splendour

The deer roamed the park at will, fish saw swiftly

The eternal sunshine ripples beyond the fields and sky.

Here in Charlecote House we live, love and Laugh

Its beautiful walls and ceilings divine

There are over 360 pikes on the carpet (Poppy age 7)

Play billiards while we drink wine, so divine

The rooms are grand and full of precious things

Elizabeth the 1st stayed for two nights ( Olivia Age 11)

Hark, Hark, tis Mary Elizabeth’s on her Harp!

The Sun is Bright and throws it’s light

To be in to be out that is the question?

Our thanks to all who helped pen a line.

 ©National Trust Images/James Dobson

©National Trust Images/James Dobson

“As Shakespeare said upon his day, Thou art more lovely than a Summers day, and still holds to this day.”

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#BigDayOut is back

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you planning a Big Day Out?

Warwickshire Country Council, along with other councils and partners, are promoting the benefits of getting out in the fresh air and encouraging us all to have a Big Day Out 21 & 22 May. We love this idea and fully subscribe to the idea that being outdoor with nature is good for you.

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Here’s a little more information…

Whether it’s kicking the leaves, cycling, throwing a frisbee, or just taking in some fresh air, Big Day Out is back this May offering a range of activities and incentives to discover the great outdoors.

BIG-DAY-logo-blue-300x222‘It is estimated in Warwickshire that only one in five people are physically active, in some parts of the county it is as few as one in ten, and Big Day Out hopes to change this by showcasing the benefits of the outdoors.

Cllr Les Caborn, Warwickshire County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Health, said: “Big Day Out is an opportunity for people to enjoy some activities in the great outdoors, improve fitness and general well-being.”


Quite often we can all take for granted the fabulous open spaces around us, so we’ve decided to have a day where we all get out and enjoy what’s around us.

It might be something strenuous like a run, or game of frisbee in the park, or perhaps just a leisurely wander along the canal. It doesn’t really matter.

All we ask is that you get out and enjoy the fresh air, and take a moment to explore these great outdoor spaces.

The Big Day out aims to get everyone to realise the benefits of the outdoors and with it the health benefits that come with getting out and about more often.

Did you know that the recommended amount of exercise for adults is 150 minutes a week?! One way to do this is to do 30 minutes on 5 days a week.

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Could your photograph be the 2017 National Trust Handbook cover?

Are you a keen amateur photographer? Do you regularly take photos of National Trust places? Could your photograph be the 2017 National Trust Handbook cover?

Our pals at the central NT office are looking for a pretty special photo to use on the National Trust Handbook 2017. We know we have some amazing photographs taken by our visitors and wonder if you could provide said image? Read on for more information on this competition that is being run in partnership with Panasonic.

Could it be your image on the front of our handbook next year?

Could it be your image on the front of our handbook next year?

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We’d like to invite you to photograph one of your favourite National Trust landscapes and share it with us. Pro photographer or not – it really doesn’t matter. The winning picture will become the cover of the 2017 Handbook and be seen by more than 4.5 million people. The winner will also receive a state-of-the-art Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 camera.

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