Famous faces amongst our visitors

In the past month we’ve had some visitors to Charlecote and they’ve caused us to do a double-take! We’re sure we’ve seen their faces before, perhaps they’re regulars… no. Could they be… why yes… famous faces indeed! Our teams were very excited to recognise TV’s Grand Designs presenter, Kevin McCloud and then, only a week […]


‘Our Day Out At Charlecote Park’ by the Reading Residence

Wondering what to do this Easter? Why not join us for our Easter activities? We know of one family who we will definitely be seeing… “We popped down the motorway to another new National Trust property at the weekend, Charlecote Park (well, it was new to us, it’s been their since the 12th century, so […]


On this day… 1836

When reading through the Mistress of Charlecote this particular story made me chuckle. The story of the forgotten biscuits… In 1836, our Mistress of Charlecote, Mary Elizabeth gave birth to Reginald Aymer and his christening was celebrated on 5th April 1836. Many members of the wider family came to mark the happy occassion. Within Mary […]


Energy Saving in the restaurant… (2)

This is part 2 of a post we shared with you on 12 March, sharing some news about how we’re going green in the restaurant! ‘When you talk about ‘green issues’, environmental concerns and ‘doing your bit’ it can easily conjure up images of protestors in trees, wind farms and other such acts that you […]